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​​​​​Our Mission

To assist couples with escaping to unfamiliar territories to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with one another. 

Who Are We?

Plans of Elegance, LLC consists of a team of consultants who are passionate about designing and coordinating events and travel that enables families and friends to engage in fun and meaningful activities, visit new destinations, celebrate and simply spend quality time together while creating lasting memories. 


What Makes Plans of Elegance Unique!


The purpose of Plans of Elegance extends far beyond simply selling travel and planning events. The services provided are about the restoration of the family unit, enhancement of relationships, the rekindling of the marriage unit, and the revitalization and rejuvenation of the human spirit. 

These things are often accomplished when individuals are removed from their comfort zones and gather in unfamiliar places and territories to engage in new and meaningful experiences and to connect in ways previously unexplored. 

When removed from our comfort zones and stripped of familiarity, we are often able to view people and situations through sharpened lenses that were once clouded or darkened. Fresh perspectives are often gained. Introspection often occurs during our downtime... the period when we're removed from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. 

Engaging in new experiences prompts many of us to consider and explore new thought processes... new ways of resolving and eliminating our issues and obstacles. Horizons are broadened. Visions are revealed. Dreams are realized and/or expanded. Reconnection of human souls and spirits occurs. Bonds are created and/or strengthened. Lasting memories are created and cherished. 

When you allow Plans of Elegance to service your travel and event planning needs, know that it is done from a heart filled with gratitude, great passion and a strong love for the well-being of your entire existence. 

Plans of Elegance

Charlotte, NC


(704) 909-6032

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